So, it's 2015. Awesome.

I've had a lot of questions and enquiries since my last blog post so I just want to address them first and foremost.
  • I do not do cam shows on Skype/YM/Streamate etc. This is a personal preference and may change in the future, but as now it's not happening. I'm way too busy doing other things.
  • I do not have phone lines. I don't have a Niteflirt account, although I am getting around to making one. When I do I will not be doing humiliation sessions, my account will be where I upload my videos, take tributes and I may even have an ignore line if you're lucky.
  • If you're disappointed in the above, the next best thing is to purchase is a custom video.
  • I will be offering my Snapchat in the coming weeks for those of you who want exclusive pictures of my perfection so keep an eye out for that.
I think that's everything. You guys should email me with any other questions or enquiries you have, now, on to the fun stuff!

January was a good month for me, I released some of my best clips (the ones I am most proud of) and made more money than I ever had in previous months (although I'm sure February is going to top that). I also went to London (one of favourite cities ever) and bought lots of cute clothes and lingerie. I hope to visit again soon, and maybe see a show or two (you should send me some money towards it of course).

I started back at University, so if I am relatively absent on social media that's why. I graduate in July, and then my clip stores will have my undivided attention. I have also started to play around with special effects which is both exciting and frustrating. I purchased Trapcode Particular (an Adobe AE program) which was $900 so you should probably pay for that considering the amount of awesome videos I am going to be producing.

I mentioned custom videos earlier, it seems that you guys are really enjoying the work I produce for you which you can see from some of my feedback:

"Watched the video and absolutely loved your improvisation. There were parts which were exactly what I had hoped for; the rest was better. Thank You so much and I'll definitely ask for another custom the moment I can think of an interesting.

Till then, I shall remain kneeling in prayer before the image of my God Esme."

"I just wanted to say thank you for another amazing clip!
 I am loving your work"

"I just wanted to say that I got the clip and I'm LOVING it. Sorry for not writing sooner, but I only checked today. I just finished a first viewing and it's amazing, just amazing.

Thank you so much for going with my idea and for doing such a fun job of it."

"Without a doubt, these are the best customs I've ever ordered!!!  You knew exactly what I wanted and came through.
Seriously cant express how happy I am with words.... Thanks So much for making these for me, I love them!"

I am actually going to start a feedback page, so this, and any other feedback you guys send me will be posted there.

I have a few favourite clips out at the minute (Clip Junkie, Homework For The Cum Eater, Conditioning For BBC: Lesson 1, 2 and 3 and Valentine Fuckover) which you guys should go buy, and I have tons filmed and uploaded and a few hundred ideas. You're welcome!