A New Era

Hey losers, minions and curious pets. I'm pleased to make a huge announcement. As of the 8th of June I will officially finish University. I am incredibly proud of my achievements in the past three years and am so excited that soon I will graduate.

So, the deal is this is now my full time job. I will be putting in considerable time and effort starting June and am aiming to advance my editing skills as well as put forward future plans into motion. Exciting ones! So this means I will be able to take on more customs, film more, educate myself more and lots of other exciting things that will make my clips better.

So all of this means June is going to be a month of celebration, which is great news for losers like you. From June 1st to June 30th I will be running various offers across both my Kinkbomb and Clips4Sale. Offers on Niteflirt may happen too but that is an idea I am toying with and is not set in stone.

So here is a breakdown:

Kinkbomb: From June 1st to June 30th I will be offering 15% off all orders over $100

Clips4Sale: From June 1st to June 30th I will be offering free 10 minute custom videos for orders over $150

Now there are obviously rules about the clips4sale custom videos which should be obvious but I'll outline them anyway. You must order over $150 of clips in ONE ORDER, no multiples, one order only. You must email me the receipt and order number at esmefaye@gmail.com along with a short paragraph (2-3 lines) telling me what custom video you would like. Your name will not be used and scripts will be ignored.

This is a huge celebration month so I'm stretching to upload a clip every single day (maybe twice if you're lucky) and to try to reply to emails daily rather than when I get round to them.

You can celebrate with me by sending me tributes (which are always welcome) and take advantage of the amazing offers happening in June. And I'll see you all next month (after a week or so of well deserved relaxation).

- Esme