Looking Forward

Good morning pets,

I would just like to say that June was the best month ever since I started in November. It was awesome to see so many of you taking me up on the offers running on Kinkbomb and Clips4Sale and the rest of you buying tons and tons of clips. Now it is time to look forward, and to think about the future now that this is my full time job.

One of the biggest things that is going to happen in the coming months is I am going to start selling panties to UK residents. This isn't me forgetting my fans in the USA or elsewhere, it is simply a precaution I am doing until I get a P.O. Box which should be soon. So if you are a UK resident and want some panties/socks/pantyhose (no large things like shoes until I get a P.O. Box) keep an eye out for my Panties For Sale page coming in the next couple of days. I will announce it on my Twitter and add a link to this blog post when it is up.

Regarding clips, I am trying to update five times a week minimum, normally taking Tuesday and Thursday off, but that is not set in stone and you should be checking my clip stores every day to get the best clips when they're brand new!

I also have received some lovely fan mail, which, apart from clip orders and tributes/giftcards, is my favorite thing to receive. I love hearing that you love my clips, as you are the people I make them for. So if you do like my clips and want to send me a quick email telling me just how much you enjoyed them and/or what you liked best about them you're welcome too. You can also 'like' my clips on Kinkbomb which gives me a better understanding of what clips you guys like and what I should make more of.

A few other things that will be happening in the next few months:

  • I will also be turning my Ignore line on more on Niteflirt, where you can pay for the pleasure of having me listening to your drivel and maybe even hear my goddess laugh. 
  • I will be offering Kik in the next few weeks and will have a video that I will put up on my clip stores which detail the rules that you will have to follow and what buying my Kik entails.
  • I may be offering Snapchat, depending on if I think it will be a worthwhile investment.
  • I will be putting together a wishlist as soon as I get a P.O. Box so you guys should really start saving up to buy me pretty things.
  • I will also be making MP3's to upload to Niteflirt. They will be mostly hypnosis and slave training and I am toying with the idea of opening another clip store for either MP3's or more Fetish based clips. Let me know in an email if opening another clip store is something you would enjoy, or if mixing the femdom/fetish in one store works for you. I's love to know your opinions.
So that's about it, keep spending and UK residents keep an eye out to get some of my used panties!

Lady Esme