Christmas, Birthday And Your Downfall

So it's December! The season of giving, receiving and bringing joy. Luckily for you this month happens to be my Birthday month (December 30th) which means all you will be doing is giving, giving it all to me.

Tributing is the easiest way to send me something this holiday season. You can do so at any of my clip stores, although IWC is my preferred method. Amazon giftcards are also a great gift, those you can send to

I've had a lot of emails over the past few months about wishlists, ways to serve etc and I have an upcoming clip/application for you all to fill out if you're serious about being my pet. Look out for that early 2016.

Speaking of 2016, I am incredibly excited for the year ahead. I have so many fantastic ideas for clips, I'm also toying with the idea of doing calls/cam but we'll see. 2016 looks set to be awesome, and I can't wait for the year to begin so I can make you all do horrible things...

I've also been overwhelmed with custom requests, which means I can only take on a few more before the year is out. If you want your custom clip by the end of the year you have until Sunday (20th) to send me the request and pay. This means I will have time in the lead up to Christmas to film and send you your clip. Any request received after the 20th will either be filmed after the New Year, and therefore you won't receive it until 2016, or you will be charged extra for me to take time out to film and edit your clip.

You can read all about custom clips here.

I'm also in the process of setting up PTV games, shooting photo sets and tons of other behind the scenes projects to make my clips, and therefore my work in general, that much better. 

So go here, and please me.

Merry Christmas loser, see you in 2016 ;)